There are few women who are better at building a global network than Hazel. Renowned for her straight talk, and a no-holds-barred approach on many subjects, Hazel is a globally sought-after speaker.

Her extensive background in developing and cultivating business relationships has been globally recognized by BNI (Business Network International), earning her the title “Queen of Networking” all over the world.

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7 Steps to Quality Referrals

7 Steps to Quality Referrals

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Hazel Walker, is in a word, AWESOME! Hazel is the ‘Tony Robbins’ of networking—dynamic, energetic and entertainging with a ton of practical information.

Tom Barrett

Principle, Green Water Infrastructure

Organizations big and small turn to Hazel for her whip-smart, fun, and insightful perspectives on understanding behaviors, implementing change, and what it takes to reach the greatest levels of success in your own back yard and around the world.