The Running Commentary In My Head

You should not have have done that. You know it is going to cost you more in the long run. Why did you say that to them, now they likely think you are a republican! That dinner las t night was terrible, you should have stayed home and got that blog written just like I...

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Are you Networking or Working Your Network?

Ask yourself the following questions: How many people do I really need to add to my network this year? I would challenge you that you really do not need to add more to your network, you need to spend more time working on the relationships with the people in your...

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Korean Wisdom on an Elevator

I love traveling and experiencing new cultures. It seems that no matter what country I go to, what conference I speak at, or what training I do, people all over the world have a fundamental understanding of the power and importance of a strong network. This is a...

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Time, Money, & Wishing Our Lives Away

When you are young, you put things off because you believe that you have plenty of time. When you are old, you wish you had done so much more when youth was on your side. So many of us put our lives off because we just don’t have enough time. We work to buy things...

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