Ask, Then Ask Again

I teach a series of Networking Classes to beginning Networkers here in Indiana.  As we were summing up the class I asked each student, what is the most important thing that you have learned in this program?  Shane, EyeDesign Graphics & Advertising Co., summed it up...

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Never Eat Alone

If you have not read it, you really should.  Never Eat Alone is an excellent book for those of you who are out there networking regularly.  Keith Ferrazzi is the consummate networker and takes networking to a whole new level.  One the first things I put into place...

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How Did You Choose Your Target Market?

This is a Question that I got on Linkedin, I thought it was very appropriate for this blog. In my coaching practice, clients (especially new entrepreneurs) often tell me they don't want to nail down a specific target market because "everyone is a potential client"...

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A Network Or a Mailing List

I have 1,500 connections in my networks first tier. My next milestone is 10,000 connections. One of you asked if I know all my connections in my first tier. I know a lot of them but not all of them.   Last Friday I met a man from the UK who now has 10,000 people in...

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Who Are Your Bet Clients

Spending time to identify similarities in your clients will make a major impact on your business.  For instance, if you discover that many of your current clients are low income producing, yet use much of your time and energy you will be able to shift your energy to...

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The Underestimated Rolodex

I wish I had a nickel for every time I've heard the following scenario; "Gee, I visited that networking group and I didn't see anyone in there who could really help me with referrals.  Most of the members there are consumer businesses and I am business to business." ...

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