From the Arms of One into the Arms of Another

The year 2013 has ended and the New Year has begun, but before 2013 has gone too far, I wanted to take some time to reflect. It has been an amazing year of growth and opportunities, happiness and sadness, and above all it has been a year of major life changes. All too...

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The Naked Networker

Do you network naked? Networking online allows us to do a lot of things that we would not do if we were face to face. Who are you talking to on that Social Networking Site? Do you know? Are you sure? I have a friend who is always using his video camera and says that...

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Networking with the Generations

I had the opportunity to attend a conference in Toronto last week where I heard Darla Campbell speak on the topic of “Networking Strategies for All Generations”  it was a very enlightening topic. Baby Boomers – 1946 – 1964 Gen Xers – 1965...

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My Social Networking Strategy

I was recenly asked if I could share with others what my Social Networking time looks like.  How did I keep up with everything and everyone and still get my work done during the day?  So here is my usual routine; A.M. Brew Coffee in the morning, check my email and say...

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Wise Words from a Wise Friend

I have great conversations with my friend, Adam. He is my client, I am his client, and most of all we are friends. We spend a great deal of time sitting and chatting about life and the meaning of it all. Sometimes they become very deep philosophical conversations,...

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I Made a Mistake

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” ― Elbert Hubbard It is important that we be willing to make mistakes if we are going to grow in both our personal and professional life. How else do we become stronger, wiser,...

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