Building Your Network

Building your network takes time and patients.  It requires that you build relationships that allow for a certain amount of credibility with one another.  Relationships cannot be rushed and require consistant nurturing if you are going to be able to facilitate the...

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In his book, Business by Referral, Dr. Misner teaches the reader how to build deeper relationships with your feel network members.  He does this by using the GAINS Profile.  Last post I discussed the G, how understanding others GOALS allowed you to help them.  Next up...

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What Is Your Message

Word of mouth requires others to carry your message for you. Unfortunately most people who network have no clear message or it is so long that no one can carry it for them.

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Accomplishments of Your Network

What have you accomplished that you are proud of?  Does it build your credibility professionally when you tell others?  Do you tell others about your accomplishments?  I use the GAINS Profile from Dr. Misners Book Business by Referral to get to know the people in my...

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Don’t Underestimate Their Network

Last week one of my networking friends and I met for a cup of coffee after her BNI meeting. Leslie is a very active networker and has a long history of employment with some very prominent companies in the Midwest. I love meeting with her, she is a great source of...

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Word of Mouth Is Dangerous

In his book Truth or Delusion, Dr Ivan Misner addresses the topic of Word of Mouth.  Many people seek out WOM for their businesses, they network everywhere, advertise, and utilize PR all in the hope of generating WOM for their company. Unfortunately not all word of...

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