After 5 years in BNI, I felt like I was doing well, gaining momentum, and I knew I was more than breaking even on investment of time and money. But I felt like there must be more I could do to improve my results.

So, when Bob Greenup, Executive Director of BNI in Sydney CDB, offered the opportunity to take Hazel Walker’s course on 7 Step Process to Quality Referrals and I decided to invest the time to improve my skills. And I’m so glad I did!

The advice and training that Hazel provided was instantly applicable to my business overall and then even more so to my work within my chapter. As a result of my participation, I have a clear strategy for developing referral relationships within my EXISTING referral relationships. I don’t need to meet more people to be successful. I will get more referrals from the people I already know.

I am confident this will more than double the business I am getting from BNI in a very short time frame.

Wendy Lloyd Curley

Candle Lady, Musician, Trainer, Public Speaker and MC, Author

I had been trying to increase much needed referrals to my business and heard that the author of “Business Networking and Sex”, was presenting a course in Adelaide. I decided to take a day out of my working week. The advice it included has provided immediate results. I now know my target market, how to access it and more importantly, provide explosive growth in my business. Thank you Hazel Walker! Max Kavanagh

HELPING to restore and build wellness,strength and flexibility for people of all ages

In my 7 years experience of BNI trainings and summits/conferences, the Launch Summit with Hazel Walker was hands down the most useful single day of actionable, game changing KSFs ever!

Simon Derrick-Roberts

Executive Directo, BNI Adelaide

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